Eco Team

St Michaels is a registered Eco-Congregation and the Eco Team leads the parish in carrying out the responsibilties involved in being an Eco-Congregation.

Being an Eco-Congregation is a response to our faith commitment. It weaves caring for the world and creation into all aspects of life and work in a congregation. It encourages three core areas of involvement:

Ecological Spirituality - Concern for the Earth in learning about and expressing our faith:

As people of faith we can express gratitude and care for God’s world in all our celebrations and acts of workshop; in our teaching, preaching, praying and meditation and in group and private study.

Custodianship of God’s Gifts - Stewardship of the Earth’s bounty:

As people of faith, being called to care for the world and all that is in it, we turn our places of worship and homes into centres where we set an example of good earth-keeping practice. By living more thoughtfully, saving resources like water and energy and looking after what we have, we can turn good intentions into practical actions.

God’s People at Work in The World - Local and global community action:

The future life on our planet is threatened by human activities. Eco-congregations can lead the way to a more sustainable future by getting involved in community projects and networks and lobbying and working for better environmental standards and practices.

At St Mikes, we strive to:

  • promote sustainability and environmental awareness within the church
  • equip parishioners and the wider community to minimise our impact on this planet
  • create a respect for God’s creation amongst the church community
  • promote the conservation of our biodiversity

This is done by making information available, holding functions and environmental liturgy in special services to celebrate God’s creation and by drawing attention to the planet’s plight and local concerns. To this end an Environmental Policy (PDF download) was drafted and accepted by the Church Council in August 2009. The Eco-Team also networks with other Eco-Congregation Parishes in the Diocese. Visit the Eco-Corner and read our Eco-Corner Blog for more information on protecting our environment.

Visit (Johannesburg Anglican Environmental Initiative) for more information about Eco-Congregations and the environmental response within the Johannesburg Diocese.

Contact the church office to get involved with this ministry.

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