Golang Educational Outreach

The main focus is to enrich and participate in the lives of children who would otherwise not even have the basics. These children come from a community which is the poorest of the poor. You can participate in this ministry by sponsoring an underprivileged child (for school and food). The cost is R250 per child per month (primary school); R1000 per child per month (high school); R180 per child per month (preschool). However, any donation of any amount would be appreciated, as this goes towards meeting the general expenses of the project. We need assistance with marketing and promotion of the project, so people who specialise in marketing, corporate communications or graphic design could put their skills to good use in this ministry. You could also consider getting involved by offering homework help and extra tuition to help the Golang children to succeed at school.

Contact the church office to get involved with this ministry.

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