House Groups

The following house groups take place during the week. Please contact the leader(s) or the church office if you'd like to join a house group.

  • Marilyn & John Cairns, Meet in the village Wednesday eve.,7.30pm-9.30pm; Contact: 0727704297
  • Ross and Barbara Richards, Weltevreden Park, Wednesday eve.7.30pm-9.30pm; Contact: 0828254058
  • Wendy Hasluck, Weltevreden Park, Thursday 10.00am; Contact: 0721168135
  • Peter Thloloe, House of Joshua; Contact: 0824574074
  • Bible Study Group, St Michaels, Edna Cooke; Contact: 0114759041
  • Healey & Norval Group, Sundowner; Contact: 0777951272