Support Groups


We focus advancing God’s kingdom here on earth – “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

Each one of us is responsible for the way in which we live our life and how we grow in understanding of God’s will for our life.

Our Quiet Mornings are designed to enable the busy person to set aside time to be still with our Creator and to be away from all that distracts us.

At each meeting we invite different speakers to address us and guide our thoughts – and the Holy Spirit does the rest.




Join us with our “ACT” support group where our main focus is the community - we aim to make a difference in the lives of the elderly, disabled, children and the abused.


Within our ACTS group we have the Gonlang Educational Outreach Group, where our focus is to actively be apart of the lives of children that don’t have access to the basics we take for granted.

You can participate in this ministry by sponsoring an underprivileged child - your donations will help to send a child to school and provide them with food. Any other forms of assistance in this project would be very beneficial.

Our ACTS support group also likes to play a role in the Hope Africa - it is the social development programme of the Anglican Church of Southern Africa., aiming to improve spiritual, physical and emotional well being of the poor people of South Africa

Other Support Groups


Here at St Michael’s and All Angels we like to focus on our ministries and the community around us.

We live in a world with many different types of experiences that many people have difficulty coping with. Sometimes we need help coping with things in life. It is often helpful to talk to people.

We provide counseling in the following areas:

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Couple and family


Parenting and child

Work-related issues

Loss and Trauma

***Sue Waldron 082 331 1608.***

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If you would like to be more involved join us and be apart of one of our support groups. We partake in hospital and village visits, Cancer and HIV/Aids support groups, where we help to ensure that we help with physical and spiritual well being. We provide patients with practical supports like transport to doctors appointment and providing them with meals.


Choose what we leave behind

St Michael and All Angels aim to promote sustainability and environmental awareness. It's everybody's responsibility to look after the environment, to make sure that we leave a legacy for future generations.

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We are proud members of both local -Johannesburg Anglican Environmental Initiative and international - Eco-Congregation programmes and together we works to address some of the environmental challenges faced in life and help to create the bridge between the environment and following the path to a Christian life.

We focus on:

  • Sustainability and environmental awareness

  • Minimise our impact on this planet

  • Respect for God’s creation

  • Conservation of our biodiversity