Living Illuminated Truth (LIT) Youth

In Term 2 of last year, we restarted our Friday night youth group. We decided to call this group LIT - Living Illuminated Truth, as our goal is to help guide the children in life and on their journey towards God. What happened next we did not expect: on average during term 2 we had around 25 children every Friday. This allowed us to bring in brand new families into our church, and has allowed us to help these children along their journey to find God.

Every Friday is madness with all the games and crafts, but this madness is accompanied by a lesson every week. These lessons are prepared by the leaders and are there to aid the children in improving their relationship with God.

During term 2 we had to increase our leader base to 9 leaders from the 4 leaders we had at the end of last year. We had our first themed evening with everyone dressing in their pyjamas.

Going forward, we wish to increase the number of themed evenings, as well as having some outings with the children. We are planning on improving our advertising, and getting the children to bring their friends. We hope that by doing this we can increase our numbers exponentially.

Term 3 holds much promise, watch this space to see how we fulfill these promise.

Donations needed for Soup Kitchen

The Florida Soup kitchen which we have supported in the past has reopened and will gratefully accept homemade soup which you could bring in a disposable container and place in our chest freezer on the veranda outside our kitchen.

If you have spare containers to donate – e.g. large yoghurt and ice cream tubs – please put them on the table beneath our Community Notice Board (beside the greetings card stand). 

ACTS gives generously

To the wonderful people of St Michael’s, a big Thank You for giving so generously to our Christmas projects.

Due to your generosity, we were able not only to supply St Lawerence’s Haven (see photo) with groceries and toilet paper, but also to supply them with R3 250 worth of stationary for the New Year.

We also gave the Elderly Sewing group at Emhonjeni (headed up by Maureen Cunningham) R3 000 and Meals on Wheels R3 000.

Our mission statement  states: We exist to identify specific needs in the community and to make a difference particularly with regard to the aged, the disabled and child-headed households. If you know of a deserving cause in our area , that meets the criteria of our mission statement, please let us know.

We'd love it if you could help out with our next project. Click here for more details about our Easter Appeal, Winter Warm-Up.

 - Ingrid Nattrass