Spirituality Group

We focus on our personal spiritual growth for the purpose of advancing God’s kingdom here on earth – “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.” Thus, our focus is both internal and external. Each one of us knows in our heart that our growing relationship with God is all-important to Him and to us. Each one of us is responsible for the way in which we live our life and how we grow in understanding of God’s will for our life.

Our Quiet Mornings are designed to enable the busy person to deliberately set aside time to be still with our Creator and to be away from all that distracts us from knowing who we are and who God is. At each meeting we invite different speakers to address us and guide our thoughts – and the Holy Spirit does the rest. As we spend time in quiet reflection we hear God speak to us in our life situations. Can you afford not to make time to come?

Contact the church office to get involved with this ministry.

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