Holiday Club 2016 part 2

This year’s Holiday Club was the best we have experienced here at St Mikes. It was a year where we decided to do things our own way and where we chose as a committee to grow it. This year was the first where we had gone to advertise at Panorama Primary and Constantia Kloof Primary. This allowed us to spread the word of our Holiday Club to more children so that we may introduce them to God in a fun and welcoming environment. This year was also our first to have proper advertising banners which were put up outside the church gate. All of our advertising was done in order to gain more children participating in our Holiday Club daily, and this worked as we saw our largest Holiday Club at St Mikes to date. Not only was this year’s Holiday Club our largest, but it was also our most spiritual for the children, and the leaders. Our children experienced daily well planned and meaningful lessons from their leaders, and on day 5 (Salvation day) we saw the relationships that the children have with God grow exponentially through our spiritual activities and through a quiet meditation and prayer time. This year Mo focused on leader spirituality, their involvement Holy Week, camp devotions and lessons and their Tuesday night session saw leaders growing spiritually in their relationship with God and they learnt how to let their light shine and how to find this light. Holiday Club 2016 saw many new faces become involved in the church, both children and leaders, which allowed them a space to be themselves, have fun and to learn in a safe and accepting environment. Next year we hope to increase our number of children to our desired goal of 400, because our leaders and committee are skilled enough now to handle anything that comes their way, including 400 children.

Brogan Fiddes